Twitter’s New Edit Feature Claimed To Store Our Tweet History – Twitter has already been the challenge of controversy with its new enhancing function, which will permit Twitter Blue subscribers to test it within the coming days. Some analysts think this option will allow our tweet history to be saved.

Your tweets can leave a digital mark
One of the things that troubled Twitter users the most become that they could not edit a tweet after sharing it. Although this feature of Twitter has been mentioned for a long term, it turned into by no means implemented. Fortunately, the first signals that we can dispose of this worrying situation got here in the beyond days, after which the first view of the characteristic was provided to customers with a shared video.

Although this new function of Twitter made many users glad, it also brought a few question marks. Jane Manchun Wong, who made a name for herself together with her posts on Twitter, claimed that this feature left an ‘open door’ that malicious people should use.

Your tweets can leave a digital mark

Although it’s been a short time in view that Twitter introduced the modifying feature, the debate has come with it. Numerous humans have expressed issues approximately this selection. Manchun Wong changed into any such names. According to Wong, antique versions and drafts of edited tweets depart a virtual trace, allowing beyond tweets to be saved in some way. Some critics also agreed with Wong’s rhetoric, making some additions and pointing out that this option should deceive the public and be abused.

Twitter's New Edit Feature Claimed To Store Our Tweet History

Not a lot of information changed shared on Twitter’s New Edit Feature, apart from a small video about these rules. There’s no phrase yet on how this selection will be paintings, whether a duplicate of antique tweets will be kept or their visibility. Of route, it is quite viable that this would be a big hassle if the tweet records become made public. However, we nevertheless assume that it’s miles a very great and have-to-have answer for easy issues together with correcting a typo that we observed later in our tweets. Of direction, we count on new explanations from Twitter approximately how this feature will work in the near destiny. Maybe we may be told that there is not anything to fear about the brand new utility, and we may be sprinkled with water.

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