Google Lens Has A Feature That Will Provide Both Image And Text Search At The Same Time: How To Use It? – A ultra-modern feature has come to Google Lens, Google’s artificial intelligence supported image popularity provider. Thanks to the ‘more than one seek’ feature tested on iOS and Android users in the USA, it will likely be feasible to make visible and textual content searches from Google Lens at an identical time.
Due to the rapid development of the era, large groups are introducing new functions to enhance and facilitate the experience of their customers. US-based Google is among those groups. The giant organization introduced at an occasion held in September of closing 12 months that it’d bring a new characteristic to the synthetic intelligence-supported photo popularity service Lens.

According to the information, there has been an essential improvement in this selection, which is now described as ‘more than one seek’. Google has started trying out its new characteristic, that may offer exquisite comfort to users, on Android and iOS users in the USA.

Visual and textual content seek to come together

Visual and textual content seek come together

First, permit’s communicate in brief approximately what Google Lens is. Lens, which is supported by artificial intelligence, offers a picture recognition service to customers. The photos inquisitive about this feature, which may be used from the My Google cell application, can be diagnosed; after that, it turns into viable to get right of entry to information approximately the matters within the pictures.

If we look at the multi-seek feature, which is described as a new way to look’, it’s miles stated that this new service being tested will paintings when you can not locate the phrases to explain what you’re seeking out. According to the explanations, it is going to be possible to look at a photograph curious about a couple of seeking from Google Lens or a photo this is already for your telephone, collectively with the texts. In other phrases, way to this option that mixes visual and textual content seek, things like asking questions about the object you need to go looking at will become viable.

In addition, the corporation introduced that the multi-seek function added to Lens presently produces the best results in buying searches, and used the following statements: “This is made feasible by means of advances in synthetic intelligence, which makes it less complicated to understand the sector around you in greater natural and intuitive ways. We preserve to explore ways to in addition expand this feature.”

So, how to use this option?

how to use this option

  1. After coming into the software, you’ll want to feature a newly taken or already present image to Google Lens.
  2. After that, you’ll need to click on the ‘Add for your seek’ segment at the pinnacle of the display and write the text you want to look at with the photograph right here. (It may be such things as color, emblem, query)

As an end result, Google Lens will show you results that fit your seek, each visually and in writing.

To give an example, shall we embrace you take a picture of an outfit. Thanks to the multi-seek characteristic, you’ll add this image to the software, then you will add the photograph to the ‘Add in your seek’ section on the top of the display screen and search for something you’re curious approximately. This may be any shade, question, or brand. As an end result, Google Lens will show you the matching results.

To provide an explanation for every other instance; Suppose you have a plant but you do now not recognize the type. ‘How to care with an image of the plant. When you search for the query, Google Lens will each find the type of your plant and the solution to your query.

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